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Moffat really needs to stop making the Doctor comment on Clara’s body and appearance. Not only is it sexist but it is also damaging!

  • To little girls who would think that this is normal behaviour, that how they look is just a funny gag.
  • The little boys who would imitate the Doctor. 
  • The women who watch this and are shocked to see what they experience everyday in life is on Doctor Who as well.

If you do not believe me read what karmaplus’s cousin said after watching an episode. Please note that karmaplus doesn’t want to discuss this any more.

Once upon a time, back in the day, Doctor Who was a program that showed adventures that involved the Doctor. In 2013 it was a program that showed adventures about the Doctor, which is an important distinction.

[X] [10 Irritating Nu-Who Trends That Need To Die]

There could not be a better description for the problem with current Doctor Who stories than this.  If everything is about the Doctor, then the universe is only as big as one man and not worth exploring.

I’m still making my way through Classic Who, but one of my very favorite things is that the Doctor is JUST the Doctor.  His path may take him through an event, but he’s not the epicenter of said event.  He is involved in the affairs of others, but he himself is not the affair.

The Doctor should take the viewer on a journey, not be the journey.

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A complex invisible war is being fought by skilled spies trained in the high stakes world of covert espionage. 

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I heard that the reason they made her put her hands like that was a Timelord form of disgrace. And that she was stuck in that limbo forever, until her and the other disgraced Timelords became the first weeping angels. Monsters forced into feeding of time energy, as it used to run through their veins now their veins were stone they needed to get it other ways. 

I don’t even care if that’s the real reason or not because it’s awesomehorrifying.

I’m crying.


And in the fourth gif you see her nodding because even she knows who her son is. She raised that boy who has changed so many times, raised him from birth and knew who he was. She knew what his choice would be and approved, even if inevitably it would be her death. You see his eyes widen in the sixth gif because he realizes that to end everything, he will be doing it not just to the timelords but to the face of his mother. It will be her that he is sending back and oh, it hurts him. The grief and the pain… and his mothers acceptance of it. You can see the tear in her yes even as she knows her son will do what’s right.

Didn’t they mean that was Tennant’s actual mom? Not The Doctor’s mom? Although I do like the idea …

It’s not David Tennant’s actual mother. It’s Claire Bloom. How real mother had passed away at that point already. 

Wikipedia has this to say: “One of the two dissident Time Lords, described as “The Woman” in the credits, visits Wilfred on several occasions, appearing and disappearing in unexplained ways. When she lowers her arms to stare at the Tenth Doctor he appears to recognise her, but when later asked by Wilfred about her identity, the Doctor evades the question. British newspapers The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail identified the character as the Doctor’s mother as early as April 2009.[9][10] Russell T. Davies wrote in an email to the author of The Writers Tale, “I like leaving it open, because then you can imagine what you want. I think the fans will say it’s Romana. Or even the Rani. Some might say that it’s Susan's mother, I suppose. But of course it's meant to be the Doctor's mother.”“

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